The center of Järvenpää

The unique city center

The center of Järvenpää is an attractive, lively and compact shopping and residential center. In the heart of it there’s a pedestrian street and one of the city’s four train stations. Changing needs, future trends and sustainable solutions are taken into account in the development of the center. As the fastest growing city in Finland, the Järvenpää city center offers both large and small development sites for real estate developers.

The city center will grow upwards, become more compact and expand with a radius of approximately 1.5 km, complementing the already existing structure. As a result of the demolition of old buildings and construction of new ones the population density increases, and the operating conditions of the service and special trades improve. This is how Järvenpää becomes a strong center of Southern Finland and offers the region the benefits of an attractive and vibrant city. In addition to the commercial services, the public services and cultural activities are focused in the city center as well. With the growth of the service trades, more and more businesses in Järvenpää are in the service sector.

The change of the key areas of the city is clearly visible in the cityscape. The construction of new buildings will renew the cityscape and change the city center’s profile remarkably. Building taller buildings is possible in the very heart of the center and its surrounding areas. When looking from the lake Tuusulanjärvi, the silhouette of Järvenpää will rise above and beyond the current view.

The conservation of the coziness and quality of the center will be achieved through the vision of a city center, i.a. setting quality criteria for land transfer clauses and land use agreements. Emphasizing the functionality of the city center area, directing residents’ everyday activities and adding pedestrian streets will increase occupant comfort.

Southern Järvenpää

Attractive residential and business area

The southern part of Järvenpää is one of the city’s development priorities. It relies heavily on the accessibility offered by the railway.

Alongside with the regional projects, a total of approximately 180,000 k-m² will be built for the southern part of Järvenpää.

This makes the following possible:

  • 167 500 k-m² of living space
  • 2300 new apartments
  • 12 500 k-m² of space for new stores, businesses and offices.

Alongside the center of Järvenpää, a strong regional center offering local services will be created around the Ainola train station. There will mostly be apartment buildings from a walking distance of the Ainola train station, but town houses and corporate owned houses will be available as well.

High-quality construction, which can be adapted into the nationwide cultural environment, also enables the area to develop a completely new kind of profiling and identity. Families with children are especially taken into account in the planning of the area. The alternative advances the creation of the regionally important station area of Tuusula Ristikytö by investing in dense apartment buildings in the southern parts of Järvenpää.

The improving train connections to the south and north of the main railway track strengthen the Ainola regional center. The quick and easy bicycle routes to the stations and the development of public transport, especially between the city center and Ainola, secure a sustainable transport system. Ainolanväylä/Poikkitie has already been built in the area and it serves as a good mediator for the east-west traffic flows. In transport solutions, cooperation with Tuusula and Uusimaa ELY Center makes the Hyrylä Center more accessible as well.

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