Address: Emalikatu 11
Block property 1001-6
Area: 120901 m2
Building rights: 72 541 k-m²
Price: 30€/k-m² (bound to the index score 1577)
Status: Available
Map services: View
Contact: Tarja Kariniemi, tel. 040 315 2445, tarja.kariniemi(at)jarvenpaa.fi

Detailed plan information:  T-13 Industrial and warehouse building block area

Office and service spaces as well as training rooms can be placed up to 30% of the floor area. Housing can be provided in the area for the personnel necessary for the functionality of the production facility. There must be 1 parking space for every 2 employees in the area. The part of the area which is not used for construction, traffic, yard, sports or outdoor storage space must be maintained as a natural forest area.

IV Maximum number of floors allowed

By clicking “view” on the map services, you can access the detailed plan and the provisions when you activate the map levels (in Finnish karttatasot) in the directory.

You can read the terms and conditions for the transfer of the business and industrial properties on the City of Järvenpää website