Address: Block 1439
Block property: 1439
Area: 9095 m2
Building rights: 4 547 k-m²
Price: 70€/k-m² (bound to the cost-of-living index score 1944)
Status: Available
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Contact: Tarja Kariniemi, tel. 040 315 2445, tarja.kariniemi(at)jarvenpaa.fi

Detailed plan information: KTY-5 Block area for office buildings

Office buildings, non-polluting industrial, production and warehouse buildings may be built in the block area. Commercial, shop, exhibition and dining spaces serving the main purpose may be placed in the area up to 10% of the property’s constructed building rights. Grocery stores, large retail units or any comparable store clusters may not be placed on the area.

Each site may accommodate one dwelling for personnel who are required to ensure the apartment’s functionality and take care of the building maintenance.

Detailed plan provision (pdf)

You can read the terms and conditions for the transfer of the business and industrial properties on the City of Järvenpää website