Address: Puistotie 3
Block property: 454-4
Area 5474 m2
Building rights: 1650 k-m²
Price: 134 €/k-m² (bound to the index score 1632)
Status: Reserved
Map services: View
Contact: Tarja Kariniemi, tel. 040 315 2445, tarja.kariniemi(at)jarvenpaa.fi
Detailed plan information: KM-4 Block area for commercial buildings, where you can place specialty stores that need a lot of room, e.g. stores, offices and storages. Large grocery stores are not allowed to be placed in the area. 10% of the actual building right indicated in the detailed plan can be plaved on the second floor. There must be at least 1 parking space per 50m² of the actual floor area.

By clicking “view” on the map services, you can access the detailed plan and the provisions when you activate the map levels (in Finnish karttatasot) in the directory.

You can read the terms and conditions for the transfer of the business and industrial properties on the City of Järvenpää website