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Svengi’s business district properties are now for sale!

There are currently six business districts in Järvenpää – Boogie, Intro-4, Svengi, Terhola, Vähänummi and Mikonkorpi. There are stand-alone commercial properties available around Järvenpää as well.

All business districts in Järvenpää are located only five kilometers from the city center or motorway connections.

Järvenpää is rapidly growing and aiming for 5,000 more workplaces by the end of 2040. Most of the future workplaces will be located in the center of Järvenpää close to the different transportation possibilities.

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The city's new projects

Järvenpää develops – new modern offices spaces are constantly becoming available. Read more about the new projects or reserve a consulting time here.

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Susanna Aramo, Business Services Manager

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Tarja Kariniemi, Land Use Engineer

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