Welcome to the AI driven Growth Zone!

Be part of the world’s first AI ecosystem for growth companies and make a digital investment in the fastest growing city in Finland! We are dedicated to help growth companies to find customers and partners using the world’s first AI driven investment service.

Digital investment - What is it?

It means that you are welcome to be part of unique ecosystem that no other city in the world can offer at the moment. The city of Järvenpää is the first city to utilise artificial intelligence in investment services for growth companies. Digital investment simply means that you provide a service and/or product and we provide the platform for your growth. The AI does the rest.

How does it work?

Since the world is increasingly digital so is our city. For that reason we do not require your company to physically operate in Järvenpää but we do require your digital presence. Simply see if your company fits our criteria below. If the criteria is met, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Okay, sounds great but is this really for me?

Our service is only for growth companies that are eager to make a digital investment to Järvenpää and offer their services and/or products to customers in the region. We also have extensive contacts to Korea, China and Japan soi f you wish to make good contacts there you should also consider being part of the AI ecosystem. Companies spesialized in health tech and travel industry in particular are most welcome to join!

Do you provide direct (money) investments?

No we do not. We merely connect and provide the platform.

When things start to happen?

The next phase starts in April so please be in touch 28.2.2020 latest. Please also see the story behind our piloting case here.

Do I need to pay you?

Only your time and effort. And of course a service and/or product that meets our criteria. That’s it.

I’m in! What’s next?

Contact Marko Lehenberg, Director, Business Järvenpää. Please use email for first contact.

elinvoimajohtaja Marko Lehenberg

Marko Lehenberg, City Growth Evangelist

tel. +358 (0)40 315 3590,
[email protected]